Ciao, I’m Haley. 

My friends call me Hailz or Hazel and I have been around the sun 22 times. Like many-of-you, I enjoy many-a-things. What I am really fond of though is writing, designing, sewing, traveling, film, and rock-climbing. I’m also obsessed with Italy, food, fashion, and skateboarding and could probably talk your ear off given the chance. My sense of humor is dry and goofy and I am most likely your average or (non) average weirdo with a few sprinkles of sarcasm. I can write what I want to say much better than what usually comes out of my mouth, which is why I love writing.

Besides that, I’m someone who has always been a self-starter and one day  I want to own my own fashion business, pet goat, and a bad-ass motorcycle.  I want to influence the world in a positive way, or even just my community. I believe in being raw and find truth in vulnerability, which we don’t seem to have much of now a days. What you see is what you get with me, and I’m a no BS kind of gal. This is me trying to figure this life thing out and the story of my journey with all the mishaps, adversity, failure, success, and good/bad days in between.

“all i want is truth, honesty, and no bullshit” – anonymous