Who are you wearing?


Steve Jobs through the years

Clothes, there an identity.

Today, I’m a surfer with my surfboard and wetsuit and tomorrow, I’m a powerful woman boss in a high-end tailored suit.

Okay not really, but do you get where I’m going with this? That what we wear defines us, whether we like it or not. Have you ever heard the saying, “you are what you eat!” Well honestly you are what you wear, an image that we project as humans, our look. “But Haley, it’s what’s on the inside that counts!” Yeah we’ve all heard that before, and by far it is immensely true, but….

But looks matter. And don’t think I’m being shallow for saying this because I’m talking about the clothes on your back, the decision you make everyday on how you display yourself to the world. Because to me, what you wear is how you present yourself and how you want others to see you and it’s also about feeling good. Yes, beauty does only go skin deep and you may well think I’m being shallow by now, but fashion is an art. When I wake up, I take pride in knowing that I can wear whatever I want to wear, that I can be whoever I want to be. “Girl you think its Halloween 24/7?” No, no I don’t, but get this.

Birthdays-prom 052

Cute, huh? I think that was 5th or 6th grade and notice how I’m totally wearing a men’s suit.

From the longest time I can remember, I’ve always loved dressing up. I loved putting on fancy dresses and tutu’s, but then I would find my brothers clothes and loved wearing their button-up shirts and sports jerseys.

Complete opposite sides of the spectrum, right?

This is how I create myself, though, through fashion; through diverse styles of different feelings, emotions, and characters. I can feel sad and wear all black or I can be happy and wear bright colors, but fashion isn’t always about how one feels. I can feel like total shit one day, but dress extremely boujee because I don’t want others to know I’m having a bad day. In this sense it is covering up my emotions and displaying a level of creativity.

Now fashion is also looking a certain way, I can be someone else, I can be who I choose to dress as. I want to dress tomboy and edgy one day and the next I might dress in a power suit and Jimmy Choo heels, while another day I dress like a total tree huggin’ hippie. I’m not saying you can just magically be someone else, but you kind of can. I can be the same person on the inside, same old Haley, but on the outside I create a whole new look.

That’s the magic of fashion. You have your core identity, but you can choose another identity that day, and the down right truth is, we do it all the time.There are so many different styles and ways to dress it’s absurd, but that’s what we do as humans, we put a label to someone for what they wear because it says something about who you are. We choose to be athletes, business savvy, workers, music-lovers, protestors, goths, preps, punks, rockers, hippies, and so on. I mean think about halloween where we literally pretend to be someone else for a day or actors and actresses.

So next time you throw on some clothes, do you ever stop to think, what does this say about me? Does it say, your a skater? You’re part of a business or organization? That you’re a star-wars lover, a trend-setter, a boy, a girl, a scientist, a mom? It doesn’t have to go that deep because if your confident and think, “I just feel good about myself” than that’s what matters.

But seriously, I want to make you think. What do you think what you wear says about who you are as a human being? Does it mean something to you? Or does it not mean anything?